Men's Sexual Health

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 Men's health and homeopathy


A healthy sex is the very essential part for psychological as well as physical health. However, due to many aspects, couples may face issues in their sexual life, among which the main objective is a lack of sexual interest. A Homeopathic Strategy towards Infertility can improve your possibility of conception. Homeopathic treatment of infertility addresses the emotional and physical imbalances in a person. Homeopathy treats infertility by making the reproductive organs stronger in males.



Homeopathy and men's sexual health: 


Improving fertility in the male is often a critical facet of achieving conception when a couple is having problems while doing intercourse. Male infertility is often associated with sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and obstruction of the epididymis, oligozoospermia, hydrocele and varicocele. 

As many as one-thirds of all male experience a certain amount of problems during sexual activity, yet only a few take the new idea to seek treatment for the same. It can be embarrassing to discuss one's sexual dysfunctions with the doctor but patients must understand that if this gives a powerful solution, in the end, it is well worth the effort.

Male sexual dysfunction can be described as any type of problems in the sexual activity that prevents the involved man (or the couple) from experiencing satisfaction. Sexual practice can be divided into stages of excitement, plateau, ejaculation and resolution and the issue can be related to any of these stages. The result can be any of the following: .

  • loss of sexual interest

  • sexual dysfunction

  • Ejaculation issues such as premature / retarded / retrograde ejaculation or absence of ejaculation

The good news is that erection problem is treatable with Homeopathy and the response is excellent in most cases.

At Rambaan, We strongly suggest that patients share their concerns with their associate as well as the dealing with a doctor to get the best results. Moreover, it is advisable that patients take adequate steps early on because seeking timely treatment can help to avoid any complications in their personal lives due to sexual dysfunction.

Male sexual dysfunction is an issue with 1 of the 4 primary components of male sexual function (libido, construction, ejaculation, orgasm) that interferes with an interest in or ability to engage in sexual activity. Many medicines and numerous physical and psychological disorders affect sexual function.

 Homeopathy and health of the male organ:


 Some people suffer from small male organ issue. Remember that the size or duration of your male organ is not same to all. It may vary person to person. That is not the issue. If all the functions of male organ work normally then the average girth for an erect penis length from 4.5 to 7 inches wide are enough to perform a successful sexual activity. When the length of the erect organ is below 4.5 or 4 inches wide then we refer to it as a small male organ. Some factors are responsible for this problem such as hormone; masturbation habit from childhood, infection in the prostate gland etc are very typical factors. Homeopathic remedies are very helpful to improve the size or length of the male organ and make it strong. Rambaan’s experienced homeopaths can give an excellent solution of this dilemma using proper homeopathic solutions. 

  The Homeopathic approach towards the management of health issues is constitutional. The treatment considers the presenting problems - the signs and symptoms - along with the unique physical, mental and genetic make-up that individualize a person. Homeopathic medicines act at the roots of all ailments. They can rectify diversions of the hormones and get them back on track. The simple homoeopathic procedure effectively and efficiently avoids complicated techniques followed in the treatment of infertility. More specifically, the complete hormonal accord greatly increases the probability of conception without the injurious and/or painful adverse reactions of medicines, devices and invasive techniques. The biggest advantage of Rambaan’s homeopathic treatment is that even after the procedure; the high sperm count is maintained. The medicines are easy to take since there are only sweet pills and drops. 

Rambaan’s Homeopathic Strategy to Low Sperm Count....


Oligospermia, Oligospermaesthenia (Poor Sperm Motility), oligoasthenospermia and Oligoasthenoteratospermia are the most everyday sort of male infertility aspect exist in repeated sperm research with no known urological or endocrinology abnormalities discovered during examination and therefore in Allopathy, there is no particular treatment. So we stressed on looking into substitute systems and find out a solution to Increase Sperm Depend, Mobility and Volume, simultaneously Sperm Morphology comes regular with treatment. Spermatogenesis is corrected and all parameter of sperm cell research become regular with 7 to 9 month of treatment and remains regular for 8 to 10 year after completion of treatment.

Male Infertility Factor accountable in 30 % of an infertile couple, and inclusion to this additional 20 %there is contributing male factor. There are many advantages when the male and the female treated simultaneously, avoid more expenses behind unnecessary research and saves time. 

Homeopathic medicines have been discovered to be most reliable in the treatment of Low Sperm Count, Low Sperm Quantity, Low Sperm Mobility, and Abnormal Sperm cell Morphology, Sperm Viscosity, Anti-Sperm Antibodies and the combination of the any of the problem either Endocrine or Urology or of both. 

Homeopathy as a Natural and an Alternative treatment for oligozoospermia : 

 Homeopathic medicines are a wellspring of hope for patients with oligozoospermia as, compared to conventional treatments, they provide a non-intrusive, holistic way of healing by dealing with not only the signs and signs but also the main cause of this type of infertility, without the fear of side-effects. Homeopathic remedies for low sperm count can be customised to deal with the particular way of life triggers or physiological aspects at play in each and every case. 

Homeopathic Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction – Treatments for ED



Homeopathy can treat this issue completely and permanently. Homeopathy looks at the issue of sexual weakness or sexual dysfunction in totality as seen with regards to the whole individual. The patient’s way of life, his body build up; his psychological makeup and his temperament are taken into consideration while prescribing the right medicine. That is how the homeopathic medicines are capable of curing the main cause of the issue and deal with the condition in its entirety. An extra of the homeopathic treatment of sexual dysfunction or impotence is that it has no adverse reactions at all.

Erectile dysfunction affects the self-esteem and confidence of a man as he is not able to have sex. Necessary measures should be taken to treat erectile dysfunction.

The primary target of homeopathic medical science is not only to treat erectile dysfunction of male operate but also to deal with the underlying causes and individual’s vulnerability. As far as valuable solution cares, several well-proven medicines are available for treatment of sexual dysfunction, and can be selected on the individual’s problem structure, cause and sensation. For personalised/ customized remedy selection and treatment, you can always depend on Rambaan. We ensure you complete secrecy and confidentiality.

Some tips for patients with erectile dysfunction

  • Give time and increase affection between you and your spouse.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and those harmful drugs which are sure to kill your sexual life.

  • Take more time to relax yourself before sex.

  • • Sex is not an act but an interaction between two minds. Spend some time on foreplay. Allow time.

It is clear and proven that in natural and organic treatment, there is no fast and quick result as our homoeopathic treatment is 100% natural. Drugs like Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis) is not in our remedies which have their own harmful implications on your overall health. Our treatment procedure may take some time like 3-6 months to get a result, but it is safe having no adverse effect. When it will start working, it will create permanent satisfaction to your sexual life.

Here are the steps how and what can you expect to achieve when you are aroused:

• In the first month of our treatment, you can notice to enjoy long lasting erections and gradually you can observe the expansion and width of your penis.

• Now in the 2nd month, its time to get excitement as you will notice more changes with the shape and size of your sex organ and also notice an increase in sex stamina.

• In the 3rd month of our treatment, you will notice that your sex organ looks and feels firmer, stronger and more rock solid and also get a long-lasting erection you have ever dreamed.

Changes at a glance! You will love the NEW Experience

  • Long-lasting erections having a solid and stronger penis.

  • Increased stamina and sexual life.

  • You will be shocked with so intense Orgasms,... then thrilled!.

  • Eliminating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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